At Praenuntia we source for you artists who lovingly produce handcrafted jewellery. They each have their own unique style which shines through the vibrance, boldness and personality of their collections.

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Africa is my inspiration and my studio in Sussex is my joy.

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My designs regularly feature gemstones as I love the idea of jewellery being not only beautiful, but promoting a sense of wellbeing.


Hand-knotted necklaces on silk using quality clasps; with all kinds of beads, mostly in silver and pastel colours to create that romantic, ethereal, classic look.


I moved my painting skills from the canvas to producing jewellery, and

Ash Tree Arts was born!

My work has a carved, sculptural quality, all the pieces are solid silver which I then etch in an acid bath and then put together in different ways.

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When it comes to handcrafting my necklaces and bracelets, I go old school- beads and knots on silk for classic, timeless elegance.