I discovered the fascinating world of jewellery making and beads many years ago, first as a hobby which quickly turned into a passion. Collecting archeological beads dating hundreds and even thousands of years and bringing their beauty back to life by using them again as they were originally intended by our long gone ancestors is a joy and a privilege. I am so happy to be able to bring my collections to you, not as merely museum pieces, but as objects to enjoy and even honour by the simple pleasure of wearing them. 

The ancient beads I use for my jewellery were made over a period of time from the V century B.C. to the XIV century A.D., including the late period of Ancient Egypt and Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Migration and Islamic Periods. They were made in the Middle East, the  Mediterranean Basin, Central or Northern Europe and in some cases in the Far East. It is always difficult to assess the exact date and origin of ancient beads because they have travelled far from the place where they were made. Moreover, certain types of beads were reproduced over several centuries. Details mentioned are based on available documentation and dates are given as a rough guide.