Nature in Silver

by Tracey Lodge

I was originally trained in ceramics and have always loved mixing materials. I have made a lot of work combining ceramics and mosaics together and now I teach both those subjects from my studio. However I have always loved and been fascinating by jewellery and the making process so I trained as a silversmith a few years ago.

I wanted to find a way to transfer my love of nature and the shapes it gives us into silver as I had done with my clay and mosaic work. I became interested in wax carving and began developing my range of flowers, fish and leaves in wax, which were then made into silver. My work has a carved, sculptural quality, all the pieces are solid silver which I then etch in an acid bath and then put together in different ways. The jewellery works well on a silver chain or combined with semi precious stones and is different and unusual. Dress it up or down, it is bound to turn heads!